Daughters of the King is an international Episcopal Church-sponsored program that draws women together on their faith journeys, informs and empowers their prayer lives, and serves the church, through intercessory prayer as well as service efforts.

St. Michael and All Angels’ Chapter has been formed. The primary role of the DOK is to pray for those requesting that we bring them before God with our intercession, seeking solace, healing, guidance for them. Each member of our DOK study group will begin to pray for each person on our church prayer list, every day, intentionally, reverently and deeply. Together, at our weekly studies, we will lift all persons on our church list up in prayer as well, to include our clergy and lay leaders, our parish, and all who have asked for our intercessions. Daughters of the King meets the last Thursday of the month. If you have prayer requests, a Daughter will be happy to speak with you privately and add your prayers to theirs.

Are you interested in deepening your prayer life and growing in your understanding of faith? Do you wish to know God better and “draw near with faith”? If so, and you are a woman of our congregation, you might want to learn more about this ministry please contact Sandy Rains or Joy Farrington.