Sunday mornings, 9:30-10:15

Nursery for infants-3 year olds.

Children have an innate sense of the presence of God. We help them explore their faith through story, enriching their knowledge and skills in religious language, liturgy, and silence, so that they can find the place for God in their lives.  Our St. Michael’s teachers build an environment of intimacy and trust, where imagination and the process of listening to God thrives.

The Godly Play, developed by the Rev. Jerome Berryman and based on Montessori principles, serves children from about 3 to about 8.  Children gain experience with faith through sacred stories, parables, liturgical action, and silence.

Echo the Story, by Michael Novelli, is a deeply experiential and theological series that explores the Bible and God as the author of our lives. We continue using storytelling as a way to find our stories with God. The children from about 9 to 11 use more complex language and skills to continue their journey.

Godly Play for ages 4-10. 


Echo THE STORY for middle and high school age students.



For Adults:

The Bible Challenge


Participants will discuss readings each week for the Bible Challenge. The challenge began on September 11, 2017, but it is not too late to be involved!

The class is led by Father Charles and meets in Sturtevant Hall at 9:30 am, following breakfast.

Reflecting Theologically on Current Events

Those who come to this Sunday school class will engage in conversation about current events through the lens of theology.

The class is led by Tom Carlson and meets in the Library.