Last week (October 5th – 9th), Deacon Margaret Jennings Todd and an ever-changing crew of volunteers unloaded numerous loads of donated drinking water and took it to where it was most needed. Kathy Thomas (and grandsons Gabe, Brendan, and Daniel) and Carol Beis helped every day. Deacon Margaret’s daughter Meg and grandson Benjamin also helped for several days. Sherwood Williams and Karin Mauldin answered the phones while Laura Rosier and Harry Watson kept the church running as normally as possible under the circumstances.


chapel1 chapel2 office1 office2

Meanwhile, the chapel and the vicar’s office were flooded Sunday (October 4th) when water came in from the Connell Garden. Bob Noe, Carl Smith and Jim Lawler used a wet vac and mops on the carpets in those two room as well as on the floor in Sturtevant Hall. The Hall is fine but the carpets were too wet and too smelly to survive. Volunteers on Wednesday, led by Junior Warden Chris Beis, moved furniture and tore out the carpets. Volunteers included Harry Depew, Auby and Richard Dellinger, and Michael Senterfeit.