Taizé Worship

1st Sunday of each month


“The Holy Spirit kindles a glimmer of light within us. However faint it may be, it awakens in our hearts the desire for God. And the simple desire for God is already prayer. These are lines from “A Future of Peace,” a letter written by Brother Roger of Taizé, France.

Taizé is the birthplace of a contemplative style of worship which is designed to focus the believer’s mind on prayer and contact with God.

During a Taizé worship service, simple Taizé songs, which are repetitive and meditative, are sung followed by a special Scripture reading, silent prayer, and more music.

Candlelight, icons, and other items are used to help focus the minds of worshippers and enhance the meditative atmosphere.

Taizé worship services are both beautiful and powerful and a wonderful way of becoming closer to God.