Burton-Pack Backpack Ministry

The Burton-Pack Ministry has been providing weekend meals for 24 children that attend Burton-Pack Elementary School for over 8 years. This ministry allows Saint Michael and All Angels to participate in a meaningful way in the lives of children in our community that benefit from the weekend meals and snacks God provides through us. If you feel called to participate in a more meaningful way, please fill free to contact Stan Dellinger, standellinger7@gmail.com, text or phone me at 803-917-2090, Alex Maitland, amaitland@groupsouth.net, Debbie Mullennex, Debbiemullennex@gmail.com.

The time commitment for this ministry is minimal, ranging from 1 to 3 hours once or twice a month. This is shopping at Sam’s or local stores to purchase items. The activities range from purchasing and delivering items to Burton-Pack this takes about 2.5 hours with 2 people. Setting up bag packing before church, this takes about 30 minutes, and it is at Saint Michael and All Angels. It would be nice to have someone commit to coming to Saint Michael and All Angles for a few hours a month to inventory items. There may be other things that we can do to bring awareness to this ministry as we see it grow and bear fruit.

This ministry is an excellent way to hone our God given gifts. When we say the prayer Jesus taught us to pray, what action does the phrase “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread” call us into? One action we can do as people of God is to do our Fathers will by providing “bread” to small school children in need. This will transform us as much if not more than the children who look forward to what God provides through us.

Other ways to participate in this ministry include but are not limited to:

When you are shopping add some of the items listed below to your shopping list and bring the items to church for packing.

Help pack bags after church.

When you are praying the Divine Office ask God to be with the families at Burton-Pack that they may grow in the knowledge and love of God. This ministry is an excellent way to provide for the needs of our neighbors in a way that will bring us and them closer to God.

The items needed are:  (Printable Grocery List)

  • Armour Vienna Sausage
  • Chef Boyardee Variety Pack
  • Van Camp’s Beanee Weenee
  • Kraft Original Macaroni and Cheese Easy Microwavable Dinner
  • Nissin Cup Noodles, Beef Flavor
  • Breakfast
  • Quaker Instant Grits, Variety Pack
  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack
  • Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars Variety Pack
  • Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Crunchy Granola Bars
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Dole Cherry Mixed Fruit Bowls in 100% Juice
  • Mott’s Natural Applesauce
  • Crackers and Peanut butter snack
  • Lance Sandwich Crackers, Variety Pack
  • JIF Jif to Go Peanut Butter Dipping -Cup, sometimes hard to find
  • Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Crunchy Granola Bars
  • Treats
  • Frito-Lay Big Grab Variety Mix
  • individual package of cookies

We have been communicating with the Social Worker, Ms Robinson, at Burton-Pack to look at ways we at Saint Michael and All Angels might increase the blessing God has provided with this ministry.

Thanks for all you do,

Burton Pack Ministry Sponsors,

Debbie, Alex, and Stan