Lent 2021
The Hope for the World to Come

This year for Lent we are going to be focusing our efforts on two things: Discipleship Groups and Hope.

Discipleship is the way that we deepen our relationship with Jesus and with others who can help us to become saints. Discipleship groups are starting Sunday February 21, 2021. You can find out more about our Discipleship groups by visiting our website or hear directly from several people at SMAA about why their Discipleship Group is important to them..

To join a Discipleship Group with us fill out this short form and we will connect you with one.

Got Hope? What Would Jesus Brew and the message of hope is the second thing we will be focusing our efforts on this Lent. We will have 5 interactive sessions on what Christians believe about the afterlife.

Every Wednesday in Lent (February 24-March 24) at 7 PM we will partner with Fr. Nik Forti and the people of The Fork Church in Doswell, VA using Facebook Live and Zoom. The first 30 minutes or so will feature Fr. Nik and Fr. Charles doing a bit of teaching about the topic on Facebook Live followed by a 30 minute group Zoom.

To join in the Zoom session click here.