Music is an important part of who we are as a people and it has the ability move us heavenward. Even when apart from those we love music has a way of connecting us—you hear a song and are suddenly transported back to another moment with the person you have been missing.

To help keep us connected to one another and to share the music that animates our lives, we are launching shared playlist that you can use to discover new music and listen/pray with the St. Michael’s Family. Every other week we will highlight new songs added to the playlist and share a few words from the person who added the song.

To follow along with the playlist you can use either Spotify or Apple Music by following the links below. Both services require an account but Spotify has a free tier that only requires your name and email address.

Spotify playlist

Apple Music playlist

Share your favorite pieces with the rest of the SMAA family by emailing Ayush music that moves your heart and soul. Please include a sentence or two about each of the pieces and why you chose them along with a photo of you that we can include in the Guardian.

I look forward to listening along with you and sharing the music that brings us to the feet of Jesus.